Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kerry Can't Afford To Talk About Truth

Below, I have posted a fund raising email sent out by John Kerry and the Democrats. Kerry has the gall to discuss skirting the truth, hiding the facts, and disguising failures in reference to his opponents. He has been the poster boy for disingenuous behavior. All this brought to you by the man who lied about his brothers in Viet Nam. It is especially ironic that he even makes mention of Swift Boat-style attacks.

Stop skirting the truth about your military discharge, John and no more hiding the facts about your 180. Clear up the discrepancies between what you claim and the reality of what we see. Speak the truth to the American people! And while you're at it, let's clear up that Christmas in Cambodia.

Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 12:15:46 -0500 [11:15:46 CST]
From: John Kerry <info@johnkerry.com>
To: ___
Subject: Call them out, point them out, and vote them out

Dear ___,

What should your last political act of 2005 be about?

There's only one answer. It should be about fighting back - about laying down a marker that says we've seen enough, heard enough, and seen the Republicans who control Washington try to mislead America more than enough. And, in 2006, we're coming to take our democracy back from the Washington special interests that control it today.

With the pivotal 2006 elections approaching, we won't be blackmailed or denied. We won't stand for Swift Boat-style attacks. We won't be intimidated. And we won't stop working until we win.

Support the Fight Back Fund Now:

Throughout 2005, Keeping America's Promise, the leadership committee I helped launch, has raised over $2 million dollars for dozens of candidates - including our year-end drive under way right now focusing on women candidates locked in tough races.

Just as important, we've organized a vitally important Fight Back Fund. We're ready, willing and able to take on the vicious attacks, deceitful distortions, and truth-defying rhetoric - just the way we did when they tried to savage war hero John Murtha and other Bush administration critics.

When the Bush White House says one thing and does another, we'll call them out. When shadowy Republican front groups show up on the campaign trail, we'll smoke them out. When there are huge discrepancies between the successes they claim and the reality they've created, we'll point them out.

And, most importantly on Election Day 2006, we'll vote them out.

Support the Fight Back Fund Now:

I hope you'll act right now to strengthen Keeping America's Promise's 2006 Fight Back Fund. We need to be ready to respond in force and at a moment's notice.

We know what to expect. With their backs to the wall, the Bush White House, the Republican National Committee, and all their shadowy front groups are counting on skirting the truth, hiding the facts, and disguising their failures for one more election cycle.

Will we let them get away with it? Not a chance.

I urge you to end 2005 and start the crucial election year of 2006 with a generous donation to Keeping America's Promise's Fight Back Fund.

Support the Fight Back Fund Now:

I look forward to working side by side with you every day of 2006 as we stand up for our candidates and fight for our beliefs. Let's refuse to yield an inch to a Republican Party unconcerned about stopping the corruption in its midst . . . unwilling to address the failures in its record . . . and unable to speak the truth to the American people.


John Kerry

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