Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Waffle King Kerry Flip-Flops Again

What will it take to stop John Kerry from flip-flopping? He likes to refer to it as being misinterpreted.

Before the election, Kerry had an ad that mocked the president for saying that sending jobs overseas "makes sense." The quote was actually from Bush's Council of Economic Advisers and not from the president himself. The ad also said Kerry proposed a different economic plan that encourages companies to keep jobs here. And, John, himself, stated, "Workers, factories gone, outsourcing jobs, this president thinks it's good for America. The one person in the United States of America who deserves to be laid off is George W. Bush, and we're going to do it."

Well. it's now a different year and the election is over and the "Great Waffler" is visiting Pakistan and India. Guess what? The story changes. In today's Business Standard John says, his views on outsourcing were misinterpreted. Now, he says he faults only those companies that outsourced for non-economic reasons. “We had problem with some people who made their choices purely for the purpose of taking advantage of tax benefits,” Kerry said, as if reducing your tax burden wasn't good economics for a company or an individual. Here's the clincher, Kerry said that he had no problem with outsourcing based on economic considerations.

Of course, we knew that, because while Kerry was criticizing Bush about outsourcing he already had a history of nurturing it. Research Boston Capital & Technology and John Kerry's involvment in the set up of U.S. manufacturing in and the export of U.S. jobs to China.

When you get back from your trip, Senator Kerry, perhaps you can finally tell the American worker where you really stand on outsourcing and also clear up your 180 form once and for all.

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