Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kerry's Folly

Today's the day of the week that I do my blog on John Kerry. There is always ample material to draw from in confronting John but, today is extra special. Now that he has phoned in an undeserved and unsuccessful filibuster from the ski slopes of Davos, Switzerland, one has to wonder what was he thinking. In another attempt to endear himself to the Cindy Sheehans of America, he has spotlighted not only himself but 24 others as enemies of the wishes of the majority of Americans. We knew all along who these people were but it is important to turn the light on and see the cockroaches at work lest we forget they are there.

So, John Kerry, we thank you for displaying this list of partisan, obstructionist senators and we ask you to now display your complete military records. At this point, John you have nothing more to lose.

What follow is the list of senators who brazenly defied the desires of the American people including many in their own party by joining Kerry in this filibuster fiasco.

One Independent, Jim Jeffords of Vermont, voted no on cutting off debate along with 24 Democrats, Evan Bayh (Ind.), Joe Biden (Del.), Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein of Calif.; Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer of N.Y.; Mark Dayton (Minn.), Christopher Dodd (Conn.), Dick Durbin and Barak Obama of Ill.; Russ Feingold (Wis.) Kennedy and Kerry (Mass.), Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez of N.J.; Patrick Leahy (Vt.); Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow of Mich.; Barbara Mikulski and Paul Sarbanes of Md.; Patty Murray (Wash.); Jack Reed (R.I.); Harry Reid (Nev.); and Ron Wyden of Oregon.
John Kerry, release your FULL military records.

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