Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not Too Sensitive, Too Stupid

In a pathetic surrender to political correctness, the Tampa and St. Petersburg police departments, have abandoned the traditional black silhouette of a human form targets.

"It never was a big issue or a big debate," said Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy, whose agency switched to blue silhouette targets from black ones two years ago. "Nowadays, you can never be too sensitive, and we felt that it was the right direction to go."

And there you have it, spoken as if it was fact. Yes, Laura you ignorant puppet of political correctness, you can be too sensitive. When sensitivity becomes pandering to the cretinous concerns of the fantical fringe then you are being too sensitive! You can always find someone who is offended by something , varous crazy cause joiners to swell their ranks and of course the anarchist ACLU to sue for them. That doesn't mean the majority of us who are mentally, emotionally and spiritually well adjusted should kowtow to their delusions.

And finally a voice of reason:

Dee Johnson, who teaches a criminal justice class at Durant High School, was at Shooting Sports gun range in Tampa one recent weekday, supervising her students.

She thinks the traditional black silhouettes are fine.

"I, for one, don't see it as a racial issue," said Johnson, who is black. "And I am the type to address racial issues."

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