Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sappy Days Are Here Again

Harry Reid has stated he will support a filibuster of the nomination of judge Alito. Hillary has also joined the pack of jackals led by Kerry and Kennedy. There has been heavy pressure from fringe left wing groups to stop the nomination. Never one to do what is right, but rather what is politically expedient, this motley crew has been shamed by none other than Robert Byrd. In a mad fit of integrity, Byrd procalimed about judge Alito, "But my considered judgment from his record, from his answers to my questions, and from his obvious intelligence and sincerity, leads me to believe him to be an honorable man, who loves his country, loves his Constitution and will give of his best, can we really ask for more?" No, senator, we cannot, let the vote proceed.

The filibuster attempt will only highlight, for the majority of Americans, what out of touch fools we have all been suffering for too many years. Let the games begin!

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