Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mind Your Own Business

The foreign ministers of Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala,El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Panama have demanded guest worker programs and the legalization of illegal immigrants in the United States. Well, I guess that's the last word on this subject. Here's a coalition that ought to make us take pause and turn our nation over to lawbreakers inspired and encouraged by these world class diplomats. I think not. Where is the response from our government?

Why is it that every third world country complains about anyone interfering in their "self determination" process but thinks it's ok to tell the most successful country in the world how to run its internal affairs. Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez has "well thought out" opinions of our laws such as "stupid and underhanded." What a political intellect! Can you imagine if we said that about Mexico?

Is it that these people think the concept of sovereignty only applies to them? Someone in Washington should tell them to fix their own houses before they begin criticizing ours. That should give them a few centuries of work.

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