Thursday, August 03, 2006

Peace Festival Cancelled

There's a new story from Afghanistan that once again calls into question why we are replacing one fanatical Islamofascist government with another.

A three-day "peace festival" proposed by a South Korean Christian group has been cancelled and its organizers expelled from the country.The event was to include a medical conference and two football matches at Kabul's Olympic Stadium between a Korean team and Afghanistan's national team.

Islamic clerics accused some group members arriving in Afghanistan of trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. So, of course, in the Islamic spirit of peace and tolerance the event was cancelled and the Koreans kicked out.

The atmosphere in Afghanistan is very disturbing. Just recently,
the government stepped up its campaign against “vice”. It announced plans to bring back the Vice and Virtues Ministry that was disbanded after the fall of the Taliban. This was the group that made sure no one was enjoying themselves and banned everything including kite flying.

All we have done in Afghanistan is replace one group of Islamomaniacs with another more to our liking. Yet, it is all an illusion because we are still the infidels and they would slit our throats in a heartbeat if it aided the spreading of their dogma of death.

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