Monday, August 07, 2006

Profile This #3

Today's Terrorist is Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah, aka Ramadan Shallah, Rashad, Mohamad El-Fatih, Mahmoud, Radwan, Al-Shaer, Abu Abdullah, Ramadan Abdullah. His dob is given as 01/01/58. The FBI describes him as 6'1" and 225 lbs.

Shallah is a Palestinian and speaks Arabic and English. He earned a PhD in Banking and Economics from the University of Durham in England. He has worked as a university professor in several countries and has ties to Tampa, Florida; the Gaza Strip; Egypt; and London. He frequently wears eyeglasses, a moustache, and beard.

Shallah is wanted for conspiracy to conduct the affairs of the designated international terrorist organization known as the "Palestinian Islamic Jihad" (PIJ) through a pattern of racketeering activities such as bombings, murders, extortions, and money laundering. Shallah was one of the original founding members of the PIJ and is presently the Secretary-General and leader of the organization, which has its headquarters located in Damascus, Syria. He was listed as a "Specially Designated Terrorist" under United States law on November 27, 1995. Shallah was indicted in a 53 count indictment in the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, Tampa, Florida.

Shallah lives in Damascus (no shock there) along with other terrorists from Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

If you have any information regarding this individual contact your local FBI office.

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