Saturday, August 05, 2006

Perata The Pathetic

Ever the hypocrite, California Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata is quoted at SignOnSanDiego:

“Immigration is a red meat issue,” he said. “You've got all these crackers down in Southern Cal – ah, where is it, San Diego, taking on the governor. Even the governor was shocked.”

The Senate leader was referring to a town hall-style event the governor held in La Mesa last week as he kicked off a Southern California bus tour. The governor was confronted by several angry people in the audience who accused Schwarzenegger of being soft on illegal immigration because he favors comprehensive federal legislation that includes a guest-worker program and path to citizenship for many people here illegally.

Perata, political piece of trash that he is, wants to grant driver's licenses to illegal aliens. So, because American citizens are against this, Perata calls them "crackers". The tolerant left once again shows its prejudice and hate for mainstream American values.

This is the same public servant who, while all in favor of strict gun control, makes sure that he has a concealed weapon permit. Try getting one of those in California unless you're one of the rich and powerful.

This tax mad northern California looney toon is also in favor of extending the state sales tax to services, such as those provided by doctors and dentists. That way he can have more money to take care of his illegal alien friends. No wonder California is in such a mess.

And, of course could such a lowlife as this not be ethically challenged? The FBI has been conducting a wide-range investigation of Don Perata that has included current and former employees, lobbyists, family and friends. They have even raided and searched his home and the home of his son. For more info visit here.

Naturally, Perata is dismissive of honest American citizens. By contrast, they spotlight him as the political dung beetle he epitomizes.

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