Thursday, July 07, 2005

ACLU Should Get The L Kicked Out Of Them

I thought the "L" in the acronym stood for liberties but I guess that doesn't apply to the ACLU. Just a little reminder about the ACLU and their Southern New Mexico chapter. Looks like they're in the process of making new rules that better fit their treacherous agenda. I think it's funny, they don't want the boyscouts to be able to decide who can be a member but they want dictatorial rights over their own membership. It says a lot about who you're dealing with.

LAS CRUCES — The American Civil Liberties Union's Southern New Mexico chapter will remain suspended until September over a board member who also belongs to a group formed to patrol the New Mexico border looking for illegal immigrants.
Peter Simonson, director of the New Mexico ACLU in Albuquerque, said the suspension will allow the ACLU time to rewrite bylaws so its state and national leaders could remove any board member who did not adhere to the organization's objectives.
The affiliate was suspended June 20 after state ACLU officials learned Clifford Alford, a member of the chapter's board of director, also was a leader of the New Mexico Minuteman.
The suspension was intended to remove Alford from the board, Simonson said.
"Part of our concern is that we don't want Clifford Alford to get back up in the saddle again,'' he said. "We sent a letter to him asking him to resign.''
Alford — who said he joined the ACLU to monitor its activities — said he has no intentions of giving up his ACLU membership and will continue to monitor the border.
"I'm going to stay here and be as involved as I can, even if they manage to get me off the board,'' he said.
Alford said the Minuteman group has broken no laws.
"There has not been one case of racism reported, not one case of vigilantism, not one case of illegal activity,'' he said. "I defy the ACLU to prove just once that there has been a Minuteman involved in racism, been a vigilante, anything like that.''
The Minuteman group, since renamed New Mexico Border Watch, is aimed at monitoring and reporting immigrants crossing the border from Mexico. Alford, of Organ, is the manager of New Mexico Border Watch.
Alford, in an editorial on an Internet site,, wrote: "Following the 'McCarthy Era,' the communists and liberals of the United States began looking for a means to press their agenda forward and decided to do what they did best. They infiltrated the American Civil Liberties Union, the very organization which had hurt them the worst, and took over the leadership of that organization. It is my proposal that the American Legion and other veterans groups do the same.''

From the ABQ Journal.

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