Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Cost Of A Bad Dream

The murderess responsible for the deaths of four American children in Minnesota has been identified as an illegal from Guatemala. Her name is Olga Marina Franco and she has been using the fake name of Alianiss Nunez Morales, while claiming she was from Mexico.

A person who says they are the killer's cousin said, "Just like everybody else, she came to this country for the American dream ... all those dreams are shattered with this."

What about the dreams of the American children and their families? Those were dreams destroyed through no fault of their own. These innocent kids were murdered because they have a government that won't protect them and illegals who feel their rights have more value than those of American citizens.

This illegal had been caught driving without a license before. Why did the government do nothing? In the pursuit of her dream, she continually broke the law and constantly endangered others. Immigration laws, licensing rules, insurance requirements, stop signs, children on a school bus, none of these were going to stand in the way of this illegals dream. Whatever that dream is, it is not American. It is not the dream of any civilized human being.

Once again the innocent suffer, while the guilty are portrayed as victims.

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