Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shut Those Kids Up

Hillary Clinton lashed out Saturday at Barack Obama over campaign literature that she said he knows is "blatantly false," while Obama lashed back, calling her outburst "tactical."

Is everyone sick of listening to these two? I know I am. As usual, it all comes down to who can do the most with smoke and mirrors. Neither one takes the opportunity to get specific and detailed about the "change" they are going to bring to the presidency. If only once, a candidate would ignore his or her opponent and run on their own ideas, their own principles and their own record. What a breath of fresh air that would be.

Instead, we have to listen to the wild woman and the Obama omen playing like spoiled siblings in the back seat of the car screaming, "He touched me" and "She touched me first." We should pull the car over and slap the crap out of both of them.

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