Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Satan Preparing Room For Fidel

An era is coming to an end in Cuba, Castro has resigned. A die hard hater of America and a ruthless dictator is coming to the end of his life.

In a handwritten note he sent to a colleague in 1958 just months before taking power, he vowed, "I am going to launch another, much longer and bigger war against them (the Americans). I realize now that this is going to be my true destiny."

This evil man lived out his hatred causing unspeakable horror and suffering to his own people.

The Cubans I have met and befriended in this country are a wonderful people with a great sense of humor. They deserve at long last to see the old country free and prosperous.

I have heard many times that Cuba is a most beautiful island. I would love to see it as I'm sure would many who were born or can trace their roots there. May Castro and his evil legacy wither and die quickly and may Satan stoke the coals pending Fidel's arrival.

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