Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Dead Terrorist In Syria?

His name is Imad Fayez Mughniyeh and he was one of the FBI's most wanted terrorists. Hezbollah TV reports he has died in an explosion in Syria. Let's all pray the news is accurate.

He had been indicted for his role in planning and participating in the June 14, 1985, hijacking of a commercial airliner which resulted in the assault on various passengers and crew members, and the murder of one United States citizen. According to the FBI, he was the alleged head of the security apparatus for the terrorist organization, Lebanese Hezbollah and was thought to be in Lebanon.

So Syria, which denies promoting terrorism and is the darling of Nancy Pelosi and her liberal house lackeys, was the refuge of this animal. Giraffe boy, Bashar al-Assad, is implicated once again in harboring and supporting terrorists and their evil plots.

I wonder if Pelosi will be attending the funeral? Perhaps Obama may find this an opportune time to have a pre-presidential chat with Assad.

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