Friday, February 15, 2008

Who Gave Knucklehead Nagin A Gun?

FOXNews reports that a photograph in a report on the New Orleans Police Department's new crime-fighting equipment has set off a wave of controversy.

In the photo, Mayor Ray Nagin is smiling and seems to be aiming an assault rifle at Police Superintendent Warren Riley.

Video shows the city's idiot mayor playfully waving the gun in front of a crowd.

A statement release by the City of New Orleans Mayors Office says, "The photo selected to depict the public safety press conference yesterday by the Times Picayune grossly misrepresented the Mayor of the City of New Orleans, the Superintendent of Police and the men and women of the police department."

The statement goes on to call the publication of the Nagin photograph a tragedy.

"The photo was taken out of context, was selected by our own local media and is now showcased across the nation as a mockery of all this city's recovery efforts," the mayor's office said in the statement.

Because of this,
the Times-Picayune issued a correction late Wednesday saying the mayor was not intentionally pointing the gun at the police superintendent.

"A review of a video taken at the event shows that the mayor momentarily pointed the gun at the chief as he was lowering it but he did not deliberately point it at Riley," the paper's correction reads.

What a load of crap. You don't point a weapon at anyone unless you intend to use it. Nagin is a known idiot who doesn't have the good sense to come in out of the rain or in his case the hurricane. His failure to treat a weapon with respect is simply another example of his delusions of adequacy. Blaming the newspaper and everyone else for his inept behavior is sop for this moron. Once again, the people of New Orleans get what they voted for, stupidity.

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