Saturday, February 23, 2008

Get Real

This month four Iraqis with fake passports have been detained by police in Mexico. After questioning, two of them admitted they intended to illegally cross into the US.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama looms larger as a threat to securing our borders and enforcing our laws. He ignores the crimes committed by illegals against American citizens and pledges amnesty to illegals if elected.

Our current government touts a virtual fence which will prevent only virtual illegals while the demands of the American people to remain sovereign go ignored. Flawed technology, late deliveries and cost overruns have been the hallmarks of the Boeing fiasco which we are supposed to believe will protect us.

Terrorists are real, not virtual.
To protect us, we need a real fence and a real president. Boeing is not building a real fence and Obama is incapable of being a real president.

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