Monday, February 04, 2008

McCain, Kennedy And Feingold, Birds Of A Feather

John McCain has made a career of siding with Democrats, says former House Speaker Dennis Hastert. He's right. McCain has allied himself with some of the most liberal politicians in the senate. Think McCain/Feingold, the assault on political free speech and McCain/Kennedy the infamous amnesty debacle. There are few more left wing and dangerous than Feingold and Kennedy, yet that who McCain chooses for his allies. McCain's most conservative ally is Joe Lieberman and while I respect Joe, he is still a liberal at heart.

Asked if he considered McCain a conservative, Hastert said, “In my opinion, he is not. He is a moderate. In almost everything he’s done, he’s done [things] against what mainstream Republicans thought and he’s allied with Democrats. He was always the undependable vote in the Senate.”

The same article also mentions McCain's invovement as one of five U.S. senators implicated in the 1989 Keating Five scandal, when the lawmakers allegedly pressured federal regulators against pursuing an investigation of Charles Keating, the former chairman of the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association and a McCain close friend and contributor. McCain was cited by the Senate Ethics Committee for showing “poor judgment.”

Clintonesque judgment which is why John is unfit for the oval office.

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