Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another Left Wing Love In

Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU , will deliver the keynote speech at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists' 17th Annual Scholarship Banquet in New York City on Feb. 16.

Here's what the NAHJ has to say about him. "Romero's organization is front and center in so many of the constitutional struggles being played out in these times of intense military and culture wars, so his is an important voice in the news of today," said Ivan Roman, NAHJ's Executive Director. "He is also a role model for many of our young people and to all of us who aspire to be actively involved, either through the news media or some other way, in the civic dialogue that will ultimately make our society stronger and more tolerant."

Constitutional struggles, intense culture wars, more tolerant society, are cosmetics for the left wing agenda! Romero the role model, what nonsense. These people consider themselves journalists? No wonder the news is in such pathetic conditon .

I'm posting the list of sponsors so those interested can see who is financing this nonsense. Some of them are probably not even aware of the politics of the group they're supporting.
Continental Airlines
The Coca-Cola Company
NBC Universal
State Farm Insurance
CBS News
Con Edison
el diario/LA PRENSA
Ford Motor Company
Heineken USA
La Opinion
Magazine Publishers of America
Merck Co., Inc.
NBC 4 Telemundo 47
New York Daily News
The New York Times
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Univision Communications Inc.
Verizon Communications
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
Goya Foods, Inc.
Harrah's Entertainment

See Yahoo News.


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