Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's One More Surrender?

Jacques Lefranc, the managing editor of the paper France Soir, that recently published cartoons of Muhammad, has been fired. The dirty deed was done by Raymond Lakah, the Egyptian owner of the paper.

Since France has Western Europe's largest Muslim community,
they are quaking in their boots over anything that might be controversial. For a state that claims to be totally secular, this seems like odd behavior. However, once you realize it's the French, it all makes sense in a strange, unpleasant way.

In a fit of doublespeak, worthy of John Kerry, the French Foreign Ministry said that while freedom of expression is dear to France, it "condemns all that hurts individuals in their beliefs or their religious convictions."

Once more the French are running the white flag up the pole. Old habits are hard to break.

Read more at the Herald Tribune.


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