Saturday, February 04, 2006

Border Abuse Continues

Our border is violated continually by drug smugglers, human smugglers and the Mexican military. Still, our government does nothing. Here is just one more example of the brazen disregard for our nation by criminals from the south.

On February 2, 2006, a Customs and Border Patrol helicopter spotted several vehicles entering the United States illegally in Potrero Canyon west of Nogales, Arizona. When the vehicles saw the helicopter, they attempted to return to Mexico. Agents encountered a white Dodge truck lying on its side less than a half mile from the border.

While inspecting the vehicle, they discovered 83 bundles of Marijuana weighing 1,938.15 lbs. and worth $1,550,520.

Since October 1, 2005, CBP Border Patrol Agents in Tucson Sector have seized 242,286 lbs. of Marijuana.

Hat tip to the American Border Patrol.


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