Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jimmy Carter Confirms He Has No Class

The left has no low to which it will not stoop, no rule of etiquette it will not breach. It has no dignity, no class, no morals and no taste.

To attack the president of this nation during a funeral is one of the cheapest and most despicable acts I have yet to witness. The peanut farmer from Georgia, the master of malaise, Jimmy Carter disgraced himself once again (as if his presidency wasn't enough). This man, who claims to be a Christian, attacked his president during a funeral sevice thereby displaying less class than Billy Carter, his brother, ever did (yes, this is worse than urinating in public). I always said that Jimmy was simply Billy but, sober and wearing shoes. Now, I even wonder about the sobriety and, quick, someone check his feet.

Jimmy was joined in this tasteless tantrum by Joseph Lowery, a "reverend" who should at least have enough Christian spirit to know what is appropriate at a funeral service. There certainly was no Christian charity to be found in either man this day.

The left is so filled with hate, so consumed with bitterness it can no longer conduct itself with even a modicum of decency. They are the scrooges and grinches of our real world and it shows in their words and on their countenances. It is difficult not to see the similarity in the expressions on the faces of the wild eyed Muslim cartoon crowd abroad and the Alito and Bush bashers here at home. I'm afraid the similarity runs deeper than just appearances.


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