Thursday, February 16, 2006

Herald News Reverses Ad Decision

Illinois Newspaper Capitulates, Agrees To Run Pro-Life Ads Refused as “Too Graphic”

That's the headline from LifeSite and a welcome one for sure. If you've missed the story go to my post here.

To view editor Steve Vanisko’s change of mind email go to

I love the part where Vanisko writes,"When this newspaper declines and ad, it is done so with no explanation. That is the policy that has been established so comments like "too graphic" don't take on a life form like they did in this instance."

It is troubling that a newspaper does not feel compelled to reveal the facts about why decisions of censorsing ads are made. They would be reluctant to accept such a lack of accountability from others, so why do they give themselves a free pass? It certainly has to make you wonder if Vanisko and his pals are in the business of journalism or propaganda. We're listening, Steve, the silence is deafening.

UPDATE: I just discovered this little tidbit at the Herald News regarding Vanisko's recent promotion:

Vanisko described the new advertising organization as a "customer-driven model" that will provide advertisers with more access to the newspapers within the Sun-Times News Group.

"We're trying to make it easy and efficient for our customers to buy advertising in any of our papers," he said.


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