Monday, February 20, 2006

Meanwhile Back At Moonbat Headquarters

Here's a letter from one moonbat to another, found at OpEdNews. What a shocker, it's written by a Northern California shrink and lifelong peace activist. Are we absolutely sure mental illness is not communicable?

Dear Dr. Dean, The number 1 priority for this country is to impeach Bush and Cheney for high crimes and misdemeanors. Lying us into war, outing a CIA agent, allowing 9-11 to happen- there is an endless list of treasonous activities. We would like to see every Democratic candidate for Congress in 2006 pledge to work for impeachment. Impeachment cannot happen in the usual way, through the House Judiciary Committee, as long as the Republicans control the committee chairs. But there is an an alternate route. Under the House rules, if a state legislature calls for impeachment, the entire House must stop all other business and consider the resolution. Your home state of Vermont could initiate this procedure, and thereby get Congr. John Conyers House Resolutions 635,636 & 637 out of the Judiciary Committee and onto the House floor. We ask you to use your influence to persuade the Vermont legislature to pass a resolution calling for investigation into treason and other impeachable offenses on the part of Bush and Cheney. Many of us are withholding funds from the Democratic Party until we see some action toward impeachment. This is an ideal way for you, as ex-governor of Vermont and current head of the Democratic National Committee, to use your influence. Sincerely Carol S. Wolman, MD

This liberal looney tune has even better stuff out there as in Pathways To Impeachment, where she says, "we do know that key Democratic Senatorial leaders were anthraxed with bugs from Fort Dietrick 2 weeks after 9-11, and that Paul Wellstone and his family were yanked out of the sky 2 weeks before an election. People based in Washington DC probably have good reason to be frightened."

And for some more insight, if you can stand it, go to her bible quotes for the new millenium blog. See what happens when theology goes bad.

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