Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Arab Village Moves To Israel

This gives you a pretty good idea of who we're dealing with in Palestine. When your own people are afraid to remain, because they fear for their lives and get no guarantee of protection from the authorities, it's pretty sad.

Israel has done the right thing in taking these people in and ultimately will be better off for doing so. What a difference in cultures.

Most residents of a Gaza Strip Arab village were transplanted to Israel yesterday because they feared Palestinian retaliation for alleged collaboration with Israeli security.

The 250 residents of Dahaniya feared they would be killed once the Israeli army completes its pullout from Gaza in about two weeks.

They sued in Israeli courts to avoid being left behind in Gaza, as had been planned by pullout authorities.

"It is accepted on the Palestinian street that everyone who comes from Dahaniya is a collaborator," said their lawyer, Chaim Mandelbaum. "They are seen as enemies of the Palestinian people."

Yesterday, most residents were escorted by a cordon of Israeli soldiers to their new home outside the southern Israeli town of Arad.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he would evacuate more West Bank settlements but only "at the end phase of the road map [the American-backed peace plan]."

In a TV interview, Sharon said that when the final Israeli-Palestinian borders are negotiated according to the road map, "some settlements will be removed."

But, he added, "There will not be any more unilateral disengagement."

Also yesterday, a 14- year-old West Bank Palestinian boy was arrested carrying three pipe bombs near the town of Nablus.

NY Post


Timothy Birdnow said...

I thought Muslim shall not kill Muslim! If Israel were so terrible, why are they taking this village in, while these ``oppressed peoples`` are fleeing from their kindred?

Great post, Bob!

BobG said...

Thanks, Tim. The contrast between the civilized and the barbarian makes a powerful statement.

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