Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tell Off The ACLU

The following is from WorldNetDaily:

A Chicago man has launched a website to mobilize millions of Americans to consign the American Civil Liberties Union to the "ash heap of history."

Nedd Kareiva says his two main goals are to send 1 million letters to the ACLU's headquarters in New York and to coordinate a march of 1 million Americans at each ACLU office in the nation.

Kareiva told WorldNetDaily in an e-mail that while there are public-interest law groups such as the American Center for Law and Justice and the Alliance Defense Fund standing up to the ACLU in court, citizens can do little apart from making financial contributions.

"In this past election," he says on his website, "the ACLU and its activist allies were sent a clear message not to tamper with the institution of marriage" with the passage of 11 out of 11 amendments defending traditional marriage.

But that didn't matter to the ACLU, Kareiva says, as litigation already is challenging measures passed in Georgia and Oklahoma.

"The ACLU wants same-sex marriage imposed upon America through radical activist judges," he says.

Do you want to help stop the ACLU? It's easy to assist and little is required. To get the whole story go to Stop the ACLU and read the details. Thanks.


Chris said...

Hey, Bob, I hope you don't mind that I lifted this entire post for LEAVWORLD. I like your edit of what we got in the email. That, and I ended up ranting about NY state uder Pataki last night. I gave you a tip o' the hat, of course.

Chris said...

...UNDER Pataki, that is supposed to be. OOPS!

BobG said...

You're welcome to use whatever I post Chris.

John said...

Thanks for posting this Bob.