Saturday, August 06, 2005

Simple Decency Is Not The Message

(KRT) - Citing "simple decency," Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison demanded Friday that journalists quit poking around for details on Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' adopted children.

"Some boundaries should be placed on inquiries into the private lives of public figures," said Hutchison, who faced some uncomfortable questions after she adopted her son and daughter four years ago, when she was 58 and husband Ray Hutchison was 68.

With a month to go before Roberts' confirmation hearings, news media and interest groups continue to scour his record.

Some have also focused on other aspects of his life. On Thursday, the online Drudge Report revealed that a New York Times reporter had made inquiries about the Roberts children, Josephine and Jack, ages 5 and 4.

According to recent news reports, the judge and his wife, Jane, wed in 1996 when both were 41 and adopted the children in 2000.

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John said...

Simple decency is not a strong suit of the left.

Is it even a trait they have at all?