Monday, August 08, 2005

Bozo vs Dennis The Menace

This is a letter to a local paper by an associate professor at a university. Is it any wonder that we are graduating students who have a distorted image of reality, lack logical reasoning skills and suffer from an underdeveloped perverted sense of humor?
This is what multicultural madness buys you. God help us!

Shame on The Blade for running the appalling July 28 "Dennis The Menace" cartoon, which was incredibly insensitive to all Native Americans. The cartoon depicts the Mitchell family in the Southwest visiting a "Navajo Ruins."
Dennis is standing on a lower wall of the ruins while lassoing a higher portion. His mother states, "We should be thankful they were in ruins before he got here." Despite clearly being aware of their child's destructive intent, Dennis' parents totally disregard his outrageous (and illegal) behavior and the serious physical damage he can cause to ancient and irreplaceable Native American sites - a legacy to be enjoyed by future generations.
This cartoon, so disrespectful of Native Americans and their rich heritage, has no rightful place in our multicultural society.
Jeffrey Gordon
Associate Professor of GeographyBowling Green State UniversityBowling Green



Chris said...

That's rich! I wonder if he would have the same complaint if it were set among ancient Greek or Roman ruins. "Our rich multicultural society" is another one of those things that make my eyes roll. We have a rich AMERICAN culture, which absorbs elements from all other cultures. The hard part is separating the bad from good elements, and not just embracing everything as morally equivalent.

Great post, Bob. I finally got your blog and a few of the others I met through STOP the ACLU posted on my LEAVWORLD site. I'll be reading!

Timothy Birdnow said...

These people need to get a life.