Monday, October 10, 2005

Are Thousands Of Kentuckians Breaking The Law?

The following is an excerpt from the Lexington Herald-Leader.

"Each day thousands of Kentuckians break the law when they drop their children off at school or drive to work.

They drive without a recognized driver's license not because they are scofflaws, but because state law says they can't have one. That's the case for thousands of undocumented immigrants who work at horse farms, factories and businesses in Lexington and throughout the Bluegrass."

Factual error number one: It is not Kentuckians who are breaking the law it is Mexicans, Guatamalans, Moroccans or whatever other nationality of criminal has illegally entered our country. Breaking our laws, because they are inconvenient for you, does not make you one of us. So, let's set the record straight these are not Americans breaking the law or Kentuckians. Understand , undocumented is 100% law breaking illegal and scofflaw applies since by definition it means a person who flouts the law.

They drive without a license because they are here illegally. They cannot get a license because the rule of law, which they choose to ignore, says they are not entitled to one.

Here's more of the same manure from the same pail.

"It is also difficult, if not nearly impossible, for them to get driver's training or secure a driver's manual in their native language to learn the rules of the road in their new country."

This is not their country, new, old or any other way. If it were they would be citizens. Their country is wherever they came from and where they need to return. There they can read the manual in their native tongue and have the prized drivers license. It will all be LEGAL.

Notice how this article tries to act as if these criminals belong here, as if they have a right to be here and our nasty government is making things difficult for them. It is writers and publishers like the ones who promoted this piece of treachery that are a disgrace to their already tarnished profession. They produce propaganda and call it news. Shame on those who sell out our sovereignty and our security.

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