Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Peace In The Grave

It's nice to know America doesn't have a monopoly on the, shall we say, eccentric.

Perhaps someone could introduce Cindy Sheehan to this as a new form of protest. An underground pit certainly seems an appropriate environment and may give her a foretaste of eternity. As for the chanting, I'm sure we can trot out Joan Bozo Baez and a few others to sing old protest songs while Cindy's body "lies a moulding".

A Japanese woman buried herself in an underground pit in India for three days to try to create a better world.

Yogmata Japaki remained without food and water for 72 hours inside the 15ft pit in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh to bring peace and order to earth.

She was inspired by the recent earthquake in Pakistan and Kashmir, reports Asian News International.

While the Buddhist woman meditated in the pit, her colleagues chanted religious hymns over ground.

After emerging from the pit she said: "I have prayed so that there is no suffering or disturbance. I am very happy that love and peace will be there."

Pilot Baba, a Hindu associate who witnessed the event, said: "The soul and the body gets purified by this."

From Ananova.

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