Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pulling The Plug On Dan Blather

Dan Rather was to speak at the University of North Florida Friday night. Get this! His speech was called the "Changing Dynamics of Media: Keeping Citizens Informed."

Keeping citizens informed of what? Does he have more forged documents we haven't seen?

At an interview he said the following:

"There's a lot of good reporting out there. I am concerned about the lowering of standards and the pandering to the audience." Was he referring to himself?

Why are people still interviewing this psychotic? If it wasn't Dan who helped drive down standards and pandered to his leftwing audience and superiors then who was it , Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass? Is Dan still channeling Edward R. Murrow? And if so what's the frequency?

For pity's sake if you want to do something for the guy make him the mental health poster boy for the MSM and be done with it. Actually, the left is pushing euthanasia this year...there you go Danny boy. Courage!

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