Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Spy With My Little Eye

What in the world is going on? Have we become so inept, or is our government so uncaring that spys can infiltrate at will. Here are just two examples of our government failing to remain vigilant. Was 9/11 not enough of a wakeup call? Are the Philippines and Indonesia not hotbeds of fanatical Islamic intrigue? Did we not take extra care because of this ridiculous racial profiling nonsense? The fact that there is no evidence of terrorist activity should be of no comfort. How many more of these loose cannons are out there?

Couple incidents like these with our failure to secure our borders, allow millions of illegal immigrants to roam at will and threaten them only with amnesty if caught and one has to wonder what our government has in mind for the future.

There will be no need to worry about social security if a few million of us are killed off by terrorists and our economy gutted by catastrophe of our own making.

Will anyone be held responsible? Probably not and we will all continue to pretend that the emperor of security is not naked.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A former Marine who worked at the White House is under investigation for allegedly misusing his top-secret clearance to steal classified information from computers, multiple U.S. government sources told CNN late Wednesday.

Leandro Aragoncillo, 46, worked in the vice president's office from 1999 to 2001, during both the Clinton-Gore and Bush-Cheney administrations.

Aragoncillo, who worked as an FBI intelligence analyst after working at the White House, was arrested along with a Filipino citizen in September in a separate case on charges that he used an FBI database to download and pass along classified information.

Among the documents that Aragoncillo allegedly downloaded was a dossier on Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, which he passed on to her political opposition in the Philippines, according to CNN's multiple government sources.

From CNN.

Three people who taught foreign languages at the Joint Special Operations Command Center at Fort Bragg were arrested on immigration charges, federal officials said.

While workers at U.S. military installations may have access to sensitive work sites, authorities said the three men did not.

"What's important to remember is they did not teach any classified materials, and they were not exposed to any classified materials," JSOC spokeswoman Tina Beller said.

Two Indonesian natives, Nurkis Qadariah, 34, and Sayf Rimal, 37, were arrested Tuesday and charged with possessing and using false documents, U.S. Attorney Frank Whitney said.

Ousmane Moreau, 38, of Senegal, was arrested Monday and charged with being in the United States illegally, Whitney said.

Qadariah and Rimal are accused in a complaint of using counterfeit resident alien cards and falsely saying that they were lawful permanent residents of the United States in order to get a job with Florida-based B.I.B. Consultants Inc. to teach foreign languages at Fort Bragg.

All employees of the company must go through background checks, and checks on the three men "came back clear," Daniel Guillan, director of government and contracting for the company, told WTVD-TV in Durham.


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