Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Foiled Coup In Pakistan

Asia Times Online reports that an assassination plot hatched in the Waziristan tribal headquarters of al-Qaeda in Pakistan was recently thwarted.

This is interesting because I recently posted about the British general over NATO troops in Afghanistan saying he had proof that Pakistani intelligence (ISI) is helping the Taliban. This new attempted coup adds credence to this report because it involved air force officers. Over 40 people, both inside and outside the military, were arrested.

The plot was foiled when a mobile phone used to activate a rocket aimed at the Musharraf's residence was traced to an air force officer.

The amount of bobbleheaded islamomaniacs that have penetrated Pakistan's sensitive military areas is frightening and it seems to be just a matter of time before they succeed in gaining control over that nation's nuclear arsenal. When that happens we have, as they say, a whole new ball game and one which we will have a hard time winning.

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