Friday, October 13, 2006

North Korea Threatens US

The latest word from NewsMax is that the United States and Japan have reached agreement with Russia and China on sanctions for North Korea.

Diplomatic sources have told NewsMax that economic, not military, sanctions will be sent to the full council.

China insisted Thursday on more "negotiating" time with North Korea before the council considers harsher military actions.

A vote is expected on Saturday.

However, WorldNetDaily says a high-ranking North Korean official who is called the unofficial spokesman for Kim Jong-il issued a not-so-veiled threat to the United States today in an interview with South Korean radio. "Everything will be settled in a week," said Kim Myong-chol on KBS Radio. "That is, whether we, Korean people, will remain as we are now, or lose, or New York will lose, or Washington, D.C., will lose, it will all be settled once and for all."

If the North Koreans launch something at us, without hesitation we should decimate the place and send "Dear Leader" to hell on the express train. Then we can give our undivided attention to Iran.

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