Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Clinton's Cloudy Memory

I was thinking, when Bubba was waving that finger (who knows where it was last) at Chris Wallace he was trying to give the impression how tough he is on terrorism. He's always trying to invent a legacy that will present him in a positive light.

But, Bill's record with terrorists has always been one that is clouded by politics. If Bill is tough on terrorism then why,when he was president did he grant pardons to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists who had been responsible for bombings that killed and maimed our fellow citizens?

The Clintons have never taken terrorism seriously.

The pardons were given to buy Hillary votes in her run for senator of NY. In fact, former US Attorney Joseph DiGenova stated, "Let me say categorically, the Puerto Rican terrorists were pardoned because they were a political benefit to the president's wife."

The opposition to the pardons came across the spectrum, from Mayor Guiliani to Senator Chuck Schumer. But, that was of no consequence to the Clintons who would canonize Osama himself if that would buy them more power.

The man has no morals and therefore no shame. Despite what the left thinks, character not only matters it is imperative. Having men and women of integrity in office is vital to the life of this nation.

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