Sunday, October 01, 2006

Graf, Not Giffords

This is a Red November Initiative Post!

Gabrielle Giffords is the liberal donk candidate for the eighth congressional district in Arizona. It is the district that was represented by RINO Jim Kolbe (no loss there) and also happens to be the one in which I live. It is one of the ten districts in the US that borders Mexico so, obviously, the illegal alien crisis and border security are extremely important to the residents, if not our elected officials.

We have an opportunity this election to pick someone who will actually represent the needs and wishes of the district and the nation. That person is not Gabrielle Giffords.

Minuteman PAC ads have begun exposing the looney left-wing record of Giffords.

She supports the U.S. Senate "Guest Worker" proposal sponsored by Ted Kennedy and John McCain allowing illegal aliens to remain in this country and become citizens (Amnesty or Banana as John McCain likes to call it). Giffords opposed Proposition 200 to stop illegal aliens from receiving non-federally mandated government services such as welfare benefits and non-emergency health care. Giffords also supports allowing illegal aliens to receive food stamps through "anchor babies" born in the United States. She does not support HR 698 denying citizenship at birth to children born in the United States of parents who are not citizens.

She has been endorsed by fellow liberals, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Clinton's former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich. There's a dynamic duo of dumb donk policy making.

Anyway, according to the Minuteman Pac site, lawyers for Gabrielle are attempting to have the Minuteman ads taken off the air. Cox Cable representatives forwarded a letter from a Phoenix lawyer complaining about the commercials and urging them to remove the ads from the airwaves.

As the Minutman representative said, "The truth hurts."

We want to send a strong message to Washington that if they will not protect the lives and property of American citizens and the sovereignty of this great nation, we will replace them with patriots who will. The candidate to vote for in this important election is Randy Graf.

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