Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Make The Government Do Its Job

Mexico has called on the president to stop the wall. That's right, according to the Houston Chronicle, they asked President Bush Monday to veto the border fence, saying it would endanger lives while doing little to halt illegal immigration.

"The Mexican government strongly opposes the building of walls in the border area between Mexico and the United States," said Ruben Aguilar, spokesman for President Vicente Fox.

But, one voice of reason was heard south of the border. Guillermo Ortiz, governor of the country's central bank, was quoted last week as saying that a longer fence "wouldn't be all bad." He told a Texas newspaper last week that more fences would force Mexico's government to create jobs at home, rather than relying on the demand for laborers in the United States.

What a concept, Mr. Ortiz, requiring your own government to take care of its people. It's not easy to do and we have much the same problem here. That is why, after a devastating terrorist attack five years ago, we still have not secured the border.

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