Monday, October 02, 2006

Congress Betrays Us Again

I just read in the Wall Street Journal that although Congress passed the Port Security Act last Saturday, an important change was made to it. A House-Senate conference committee showed, once again, how corrupt and totally devoid of integrity and ethics our government has become.
They stripped out a provision, sponsored by Senator Jim DeMint, Republican from SC, that would have banned serious felons from working in security sensitive jobs. Why?

There was pressure from the unions because this could exclude too many of their members. That in itself is frightening, but worse is the fact that our paragons of virtue on the Potomac would succumb to their threats.

Is it any wonder our nation is still vulnerable at her borders and ports this many years after 9/11? There is so little interest in the government to do what is right that we will someday soon suffer the consequences. Now, is the time to run these rats out of office.

No party has the edge in this dirty business. The article names some of the unscrupulous backroom players, including Senator Daniel Inouye, Democrat Hawaii, Senator Ted Stevens, Republican Alaska, Rep. Peter King, Republican NY and Rep. Bennie Thompson, Democrat Mississippi.

Stevens should be gone for many reasons, the "bridge to nowhere" being just one. Also, his pathetic "secret hold" on S.2590.

Once again, the way to voice your disgust with this vermin is with your vote. Cast it wisely for the sake of the nation.

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