Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Try Demonstrating In Mexico

I just want to mention the bloody riots in Oaxaca, Mexico so I can make a point about the disgusting double standard that Mexico likes to use.

US citizens, that are unfortunate enough to be there, have been told to avoid demonstrations because Mexican law makes it illegal for foreign nationals to participate in political protests. Three people, including one America were killed Friday when plainclothes gunmen opened fire on a blockade set up by demonstrators. Where is Vicente Fox and the rest of his jackals now? Why are they not comdemning this? Why hasn't our government been screaming about the failure of Mexican authorities to treat our people with respect and dignity? Why is murder ok on their side of the border, but a wall is not ok to keep the murderers out on our side?

The silence from our government regarding this incident is the stamp of approval on Mexico's hypocrisy and highlights, once again, the failure of our elected officials to protect the American people. Keep that in mind next Tuesday.

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