Sunday, October 08, 2006

Where Have You Heard This Before?

Almost a year ago, I posted this in response to the president's weekly radio address. As you can see, little has changed. The border is no more secure and the invaders keep coming.

Or Get Off The Pot!

“I’ll work with members of Congress to create a program that will provide for our economy’s labor needs without harming American workers and without granting amnesty, and that will relieve pressure on our borders,”.

That is from the president's recent weekly radio address. How long have we been hearing this?

Notice, that the first part of his statement is not enforcing our laws (something I thought was part of the chief executive's job), not securing our borders (ditto), but providing for our labor needs. Let's talk about these needs. No one has proven that we need an illegal work force to keep the economy moving. Back when there were no child labor laws there were chicken little economists who saw factories collapsing if kids were removed from the assembly lines. The laws passed and the factories fared just fine.

In addition, we still have an able bodied unemployed pool of workers. If they refuse to work available jobs, then they need to be removed from the welfare roles. It is way past time that we stop rewarding people for indolence

It is the politician's game to assume an unproven premise and then extrapolate from it. There is no given that our economy will crumble if we do not feed the illegal beast.

Then, we have the little disclaimer, "without harming the American worker." The American worker is harmed daily by this illegal invasion of our country. Who, but the American worker, is paying for the law enforcement, medical, educational and legal costs? Who, but the American worker, is suffering crimes against their person and their property? If you are so concerned about the American worker then do what the majority of them want you to do, enforce our laws.

The time for speeches and political propaganda is over. As politely as I can rephrase an old saying, Mr. President, it is time to defecate or abdicate.

(original posting Wednesday, October, 26th 2005)

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