Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry's Karma Comes Calling

Well, Kerry's done it again. The arrogant, pompous popinjay let slip his true feelings and now he cannot back down. Once again, he is forced to try to lie and distort to hide his real disdain for the hoi polloi, those he considers the great unwashed.

Kerry may have had to endure four long months of "action" in Viet Nam before he was able to maneuver himself back home, but that was for a greater purpose. To forward his political ambitions, it was a necessary evil. You others though, get yourselves an education or you may find yourself
serving ( a word John Kerry uses to describe inferiors). That is why he married well. Well, in the sense of money, if nothing else.

This man is a national disgrace and both he and his partner the KGB Comrade Kennedy have much to answer for.

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