Thursday, August 11, 2005

ACLU Defenders Of Druidism

The ACLU has picked a fight with the law in South Carolina. Why? They feel druids are being persecuted. And who said they're bogging down our legal system with frivolous lawsuits?

Why are we wasting time and money trying to find a loophole in the justice system for someone driving with a suspended license, improper plates and no proof of insurance?
Why does this loser's right to be a scofflaw takes greater priority than the property rights of countless Americans just trampled on by the supreme court? How does the traffic citation of a "druid" become more important than the right to demonstrate against abortion mills? Ask the ACLU.

This is the stuff of which the ACLU is made. I am positive if this "druid" claimed he was pulled over because he had an "abortion is murder" bumpersticker on his car, the ACLU would not be involved.

What we have here is a cause celebre for the ACLU, a rallying point for every nut case on the societal fringe. Who in the name of all that's holy, takes someone calling themselves a druid seriously and cares enough to persecute them? Yet, the ACLU smells police conspiracy and a threat to the very fabric of freedom. Please!

Help us stop the confederacy of lunatics known as the ACLU. Please visit Stop the ACLU today.

The American Civil Liberties Union is demanding that the city of Greer drop all charges and apologize to a Greer couple who claim they were targeted by police because of a religious bumper sticker.Tony and D.J. Gainey said police pulled the couple over in May because of the bumper stickers on their car.One of the stickers read, "It's a druid thing."The Gaineys said they believe in druidism -- a nature-focused religion.Reserve Officer Tony Stewart and Officer Gilbert Lozada cited Tony Gainey for driving with a suspended license, not having proper license plates or proof of insurance.Gainey said he's convinced he would not have been pulled over if it weren't for the bumper sticker."I shouldn't been driving. I am guilty of that, but the stop never would have taken place if they wouldn't have violated our rights," said Gainey.In a letter to the Greer Police Department, the Piedmont Chapter of the ACLU demanded that all charges be dropped against the Gaineys.Greer City Attorney John Duggan said the officers involved in the traffic stop did nothing wrong."In my 25 years as a prosecutor I've handled -- I don't know how many cases -- where the stop started when the officer called in a routine check of a tag. The bumper sticker had nothing to do with the reason for the stop," said Duggan.Greer police have since suspended the reserve officer program and Officer Lozada no longer works for the department."I can say it didn't have anything to do with this case, " said Duggan.Greer police have since suspended the reserve officer program and Officer Lozada no longer works for the department."I can say it didn't have anything to do with this case, " said Duggan.The ACLU said it's not so sure. "Seems like too much of a coincidence that two officers who stopped the Gaineys are gone. Something happened here that wasn't right," said Mike Cubelo, a spokesman for the ACLU Piedmont Chapter.The Gaineys are scheduled to appear in traffic court next week.Tony Gainey said he's sure justice will prevail."I feel that good things will come out of this," he said.

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John said...

Great job as always, thanks.

kimsch said...

I linked back to you with So Much For Personal Responsibility. Thanks for the story.

BobG said...

Kimsch, thanks for the visit and the link.

kimsch said...

sorry about the name in the post, my old, tired eyes read BORG and I am a Star Trek Fan, so it didn't phase me. I will change my post to read boBg instead of boRg... ;)

Chris said...

LOCUTUS of BOBG..I can see it now...

Anonymous said...

Guess you ammonia sniffers don't mind cops taking your personal information on the job and then contacting at home about changing your religion?

This is what happened to this couple in the southern town of Greer, SC.

The ACLU deals with people like you ammonia sniffers all the time.

You whine about the ACLU and then when you get in trouble, guess who you call?

John said...

Mike, you can bet none of us will be calling the ACLU.

Anonymous said...

"Who in the name of all that's holy, takes someone calling themselves a druid seriously and cares enough to persecute them?"

Tony Stewart does"

BobG said...

Talking to someone about religion, although inappropriate under the circumstances, is hardly persecution unless you're making that leap to get out of legal penalties you richly deserve.

Anonymous said...

A reserve police officer accused of promoting his religion is cleared of any wrong doing. An internal investigation by Greer Police lasted several months.

FOX Carolina’sJamie Guirola reports, the man at the center of a controversial traffic stop now tells his side of the story.

The "cleared" reserve officer says God put the accusing couple in his life during a traffic stop. He says, every night he prays for a chance to be in a place where God could use him. And that night god answered his prayers.

For the last three months, Reserve Officer Tony Stewart kept quiet so Greer Police could conduct its investigation. This couple accuses Stewart of pulling them over because of this bumper sticker that mentions the Druid religion-- it focuses on nature and art.

D.J. Gainey/Pulled Over by Stewart: "He walked around me and goes and stands next to him and says did those bumper stickers come on the car or did you put them on and I said I put them on and he said do you know what they mean?"

In 14 years on the volunteer police force Officer Stewart admits he's never written a ticket. His heart, he says, and his mission from God get the best of him.

Officer Tony Stewart: “That’s not what God wanted me to do while I was out there. In 1991 he told me to join the reserve program because eventually I would be able to help and that’s what most of the officers I work with are about, they’re out there to make a difference”.

Tony and D.J. Gainey say officer Stewart only ran their plates because he condemns their religion. He cited them for improper plates, no proof of insurance, and having a suspended license. Officer Stewart says in addition to the tickets-- the Gainey's had their car towed. But, he says, he gave the couple $40.

Officer Stewart: “That night the lady pleaded for my sympathy and she got it”.

The couple also got a pamphlet in the mail from officer Stewart preaching his religion. Automatically they questioned whether Stewart was enforcing man's law or the word of God.

Officer Stewart: “Seldom ever do we force anything on anyone. I know I have never forced my religious beliefs, or viewpoints unless they ask leading questions”.

And that's exactly what Stewart says the Gainey's did. They asked for help. He says they even provided him with a separate address to mail the pamphlet then the one he used for their tickets.

Tony Stewart said...

I am ex-officer Tony Stewart. The ACLU and the Druids in question are choosing to ignore several details.

To see the entire truth which includes evidence that their claims against me are bogus, visit my churches website and view MLBC in the news.

Tony Stewart

Anonymous said...

i believe that the majority of persons making comments about the druids incident should find the real facts about this case before prosecuting the officers speciality cpl paul lozada who has been with the greer police department for the last six years and he has outstanding record. thiis individuals were pulled over because of other traffic infractions .if you live down south you will know that there are no street lights in the roads so get your facts together before you start prosecuting innocence officers.