Monday, September 26, 2005

ACLU, Spinning The News

There is a really good piece at NewsBusters, "Is St. Petersburg Times Paying a
'Living Wage'?"


"I recently heard Bill O'Reilly opine that the St. Petersburg Times is the worst newspaper in the United States. I immediately thought that must be hyperbole... until I started reading it. One need read no further than this column by ACLU director turned St. Petersburg Times columnist Robyn E. Blumner."

And, here's the part I love, because it speaks volumes about the subversive nature of the ACLU.


"As an aside, how improper is it of Ms. Blumner to be writing about (more here, and here, and here) a leftist organization that she used to direct without disclosing that fact to readers?"

Yes, how improper...SOP for the ACLU.

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