Sunday, September 11, 2005


Four years ago this morning, Muslim terrorists flew jets into the World Trade Center, killing 2,749 people.

Today, bagpipes will play, bells will sound and the names of the dead will be read aloud. Let these remembrances renew Ameica
's fervor. Let it sharpen our sword and strengthen our resolve.

We need to remember also, those who danced in the streets of the Middle East when the attack occurred. We need to remember the beheadings, the mutilations and the desecration of corpses. We need to remember the preaching of Islamic clergy and scholars calling for the death of America and Israel. We need to remember the vicious attacks on our ally Great Britain. We need to remember the random killing of innocent civilians around the world by bombings.

Then, we must decide to root out these people and eliminate them with extreme prejudice even if it takes the next 100 years. Let our determination know no end, let there be nothing we will not endure, let there be no sacrifice so great that it will prevent us from bringing retribution and justice upon the enemy. We must win this war decisively.

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