Thursday, September 08, 2005

Where Were You, ACLU?

If the ACLU is on the side of protecting the rights of anyone and everyone why is it so selective in the cases it will accept? Could it be that the causes which are anathema to its core membership are not worthy of the organization's protection?
One would think freedom of speech would be high up on the ACLU's agenda as they go to bat for child pornographers and the like.

Well let's return to a time of the 60's and 70's when the liberal lunatics were pushing population control. Environmental groups like the Sierra Club were touting "zero population growth" as a solution to saving mother earth.

However, when it came to pass that zero population growth needed zero immigration to make it possible, suddenly the tune changed and the liberals were dancing to a different fiddler.

This takes us to 1999 and an opportunity the ACLU turned down to defend a free speech case in NYC. What follows is from an article called "The Liberal Two-Step". I have placed a link to the piece at the end of this post. It would be well worth your time to read it and also to visit
Stop The ACLU.

The ACLU refused an open-and-shut free speech case in New York City — because it was about limiting immigration. In 1999, an immigration-control group named Project USA started putting up billboards in New York with pictures of two children with the inoffensive (and accurate) caption, "Immigration is doubling US population in our lifetimes," citing the Census Bureau as the source. City officials threatened the billboard companies with financial retaliation if they weren't taken down immediately, and the companies caved. One staff attorney told Project USA privately that the ACLU couldn't take such an obvious free-speech case because "there is a large and growing immigrants' rights faction within the organization."

Information from a National Review article by Mark Krikorian.

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