Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Empty Heads Will Roll

Eddie Compass, the police superintendent of New Orleans has resigned. He leaves a department plagued by allegations of brutality and corruption. A department beset by desertions, disorganization and sadly, even looting during the hurricane.

Does anyone remember that this was the guy who wanted to bring in the security chief for the Nation of Islam to conduct "sensitivity" training. Only a few months ago, he was prepared to pay Louis Farrakhan's man, Dennis Muhammad, $15,000 to train the NOPD. Farrakhan, has called whites "blue eyed devils" and Jews "bloodsuckers". How can his security chief have any credibility in racial sensitivity?

This should have been clue #1 in the assessment of Eddie's leadership abilities. The training never happened because of the public outcry. There are many black Catholics in NO and I'm sure they weren't thrilled about Farakhan's comment regarding the previous pope: "you know that cracker, somebody need to raise that dress up and see what's really under there."

If Eddie could be that clueless, how could he have been expected to help lead a city in a time of real crisis? When we allow men of little integrity and wisdom to lead, the outcome will inevitably be disaster.


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