Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Marketing Of Amnesty

Early in the year, in his State of the Union speech, President Bush hinted at what might be coming to address the border debacle.He said, we "should not be content with laws that punish hardworking people who only want to provide for their families." Thus, began the marketing of his "guest worker" program, the reward to illegals and the selling out of America to buy Latin votes.
The truth is our laws, when they are enforced, are there to protect our citizens' lives and property. They provide an organized, structured means to determine who should be allowed in this country and for how long. To imply that our laws were meant to punish law abiding productive citizens or legal aliens is not only untrue but unworthy of the president of these United States. But the president was not referring to citizens or legal aliens, he meant criminals who had broken our laws and were living in our country without permission. He meant he wants to give them a free pass but refuses to call it amnesty. It's all in the words, illegal becomes undocumented and undocumented becomes "hardworking people who only want to provide for their families"

Now, Karl Rove is at the point, mustering support for Bush's plan to legalize millions of criminals. Of course, there is mention of a "substantial fine", whatever that means, to make this whole fiasco easier to swallow for the vast majority of Americans who oppose rewarding lawbreakers. Bush has said he wants to allow illegals to apply for a 3 year work visa, with a 3 year extension possible before they have to return to where they came from. This is a potential 6 year add on to all the illegal time they've been here already.

And now, Jeb Bush, Florida's governor and the president's brother, in a speech, calls on the federal government to change immigration policy because it is "stifling" international travel and commerce. What a crock of horse manure. This is just another step in the Bush marketing plan to ram millions of illegal criminals down Uncle Sam's throat.

Watch closely in the coming weeks as this issue becomes increasingly tense and the stakes are raised. Arms will be twisted, deals will be closed and the selling out of America will continue to be launched, I'm afraid, from Pennsylvania avenue.

Remember, John McCain and Teddy Kennedy are in bed together on this agenda. If Bush doesn't get his way, John will run on the immigration issue, claiming his experience as senator of a border state gives him deep undertsanding of the problem on both sides, as if there were more than one side.

Our nation is in deep trouble because we have elected representatives who refuse to honor and enforce the laws they disagree with. They are no better and perhaps worse than the lawbreakers they seek to reward. We must remove them from office or we deserve what we get.

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