Tuesday, September 27, 2005

McCain Perfecting The Kerry Flip-Flop

As he prepares his run for the presidency, John McCain works at mastering the duplicity of the donks. Knowing that he will probably be running against the double-dealing black belt Hillary, John is attempting to hone his skills. What other reason could there be for pretending to have one set of feelings, yet acting under the influence of another?

Aides to Sen. John McCain have confirmed that the 2008 presidential hopeful will meet with anti-American war protester Cindy Sheehan, possibly later today.

The McCain-Sheehan confab represents something of a flip-flop for the Arizona maverick.

Just last month he said Bush was right not to meet with Sheehan, telling the Tucson Citizen, "If I was president of the United States, I probably wouldn't."

The same day, McCain told the Arizona Star that Sheehan "is probably being used" by anti-war groups.

From NewsMax.

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