Friday, September 02, 2005

Get Your Air Here

Anyone who would buy this already has too much air in their head.

A man is selling Welsh air to expatriates who miss the valleys.

John Gronow from Lakeside, Cardiff, has collected air from Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons and will sell it on his website

Each bottle comes with a certificate guaranteeing the air has been gathered in the Welsh mountains.

He said: "I am offering a genuine service for people who want something of Wales that reminds them of their childhood or their homeland. It is the genuine article from the green, green grass of home.

"There are more Welsh exiles out there around the world than there are in Wales who long for something from the land of their fathers."

The bottles of air will sell for £24 reports BBC online.

From Ananova.


loboinok said...

We had a gullible guy in the Air Force we sent to get an air sample from the flightline. He walked around with a bag of air. We sent him from one office to the next, calling the office beforehand and telling them to play along and send him to another office. Then we popped the bag on him, and he freaked out! LOL!

I've also seen an ad for a solar clothes dryer. A spool of fishline and two clothes pins.

Anonymous said...

Almost as good as the one with Brad Pitts breath!!!

NYgirl said...

Brad Pitt's breath? I didn't hear about that one.