Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Orleans Leaders And Louis Farrakhan

Yesterday I wrote about NOPD Superintendent Eddie Compass and his ties to Louis Farrakhan. Well, now the other shoe drops and we have the connection between Ray Nagin and the Nation of Islam leader. No wonder New Orleans is in so much trouble. With this kind of devisive, paranoid and unstable leadership they were doomed to failure. I'm sure this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Racially polarizing Nation of Islam chief Louis Farrakhan claimed on Friday that he had a private meeting with New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, where Nagin gave him the information that Farrakhan later used to claim New Orleans' levees had been deliberately blown up.

Speaking to a gathering of his supporters in Memphis while promoting his upcoming Millions More March, Farrakhan said he met with Nagin in Dallas, Texas where the New Orleans mayor has relocated his family.

"We did a whirlwind tour where we hired a chartered jet, we flew to Dallas, Texas - members of the Millions More Movement - where we met with Mayor Nagin," Farrakhan claimed, in videotape of his Memphis speech posted to his Millions More Movement web site Tuesday.

It was during that meeting, Farrakhan said, where he obtained evidence that he would later use to claim New Orleans' levees were blown up.



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