Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Do The Poisoned Entrails Go On The Long Form?

Can you take off double for toil and trouble?

Yes, let's keep looking at that international law, because those Europeans are so sophisticated. Looney Tune Alert!!!

A Dutch witch has won her battle to make the cost of her brooms and spell-making lessons tax-deductable.

Tax officials finally agreed that the un-named woman could declare the cost of her overheads against tax.

Earlier, a court at Leeuwarden ruled that her witching overheads were not tax deductable, reports De Telegraaf.

The witch was a student of a witchcraft school in Appelscha which charges about £1,500 for a 13 weekend course.

Teacher Margarita Drongen said witches were taught how to make spells, prepare magic portions and heal with stones.

From Ananova.

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